Production Design – '‘Notes’'

Near-final set design based on availble props, scanned transport posters, etc.

Final set.

Final set.

The idea from the set came from the architecture of the London Underground, with the flat made in an abandoned station.

Props & Details for "Notes". Hints of slightly clunky, semi-futuristic technology were added to the set. There was a small kitchen unit with an advanced equivalent of a bedsit hotplate, with umbilical power to a kettle and milk cooler. Vintage travel posters were added to the walls and distressed.

After the shoot, I went back and redesigned the "Notes" set around a bigger budget. This includes more tiling as per real tube stations, a full corridor, with a seperate bathroom and bedroom, as well as an extension of the office. Features like period London Transport tiling and stained glass would be replicated and included.

Render showing desk & bedroom.


Concepts, Final Sets. Total cost: £800. Set was constructed on three 12' x 8' flats, which were left over from the “Dolls” set. Designs done in Google Sketchup and based on photo reference.

Designs included for an “ideal” set, assuming a higher budger.

Full production photos here:

Production Design